Tom Hanks Launches Typewriter App ‘Hanx Writer’ To Rave Reviews

hanx writer

If there’s one thing we know about Tom Hanks it’s that he loves typewriters. OK, that and that he’s also a phenomenal actor, an avid glove collector, and all around awesome guy. But mainly the typewriter thing. The actor launched his new app Hanx Writer on the app store earlier this week and it’s already receiving rave reviews.

Hanx Writer currently ranks number one among free apps in the app store. It also has a 4.5 star rating after being reviewed close to 2000 times.

One reviewer writes: “I’ve been sitting here typing in the new Hanx app wondering why I find this so delightful. I can’t help it, I just do. Maybe it’s the fact that I can have the best of both worlds using it. The nostalgia and feel of using a typewriter like I did in my youth, but also with the ease that modern word processors give us.” Hanx Writer may not be the best tool for serious writing but that isn’t what it’s meant for. Tom Hanks said so himself during a Q&A on Twitter.

So what is it for?

The app replicates the look and sound of a typewriter, something that Tom Hanks thinks that the modern world needs to experience. In an interview with the NY Times, Hanks explained some of his favorite things about typing on a typewriter.

Hanks said: “Everything you type on a typewriter sounds grand, the words forming in mini-explosions of SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK. A thank-you note resonates with the same heft as a literary masterpiece. In addition to sound, there is the sheer physical pleasure of typing; it feels just as good as it sounds, the muscles in your hands control the volume and cadence of the aural assault so that the room echoes with the staccato beat of your synapses. You can choose the typewriter to match your sound signature.”

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