J.K. Rowling Introduces ‘Harry Potter’ Fans To Celestina Warbeck

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J.K. Rowling just can’t get enough of Hogwarts. The author revisited the world of Harry Potter today with a new story about the singing sorceress Celestina Warbeck.

That name may not sound too familiar to even the most die-hard Harry Potter fans but J.K. Rowling insists that she has been apart of the Harry Potter universe since the very beginning. Celestina Warbeck’s name appeared three times in the series, according to the Huffington Post, and Rowling called the character her favorite “Off Stage” character in the whole series.

Rowling writes:

“Celestina Warbeck is one of my favourite ‘off-stage’ characters in the Harry Potter series, and has been part of the Potter world ever since its inception, making an early appearance in the short-lived ‘Daily Prophet’ series I produced for members of the equally short-lived fan club run by my British publisher, Bloomsbury. Although we never lay eyes on Celestina during the whole seven volumes of the Potter books, I always imagined her to resemble Shirley Bassey in both looks and style. I stole her first name from a friend with whom I worked, years ago, at Amnesty International’s Headquarters in London; ‘Celestina’ was simply begging to be scooped up and attached to a glamorous witch.”

If you want to read more about Celestina Warbeck you can head on over to Pottermore or check out a little excerpt below.

“Internationally-acclaimed singing sensation Celestina Warbeck (sometimes known as ‘the Singing Sorceress’) hails from Wales. Her father, a minor functionary in the Muggle Liaison Office, met her Muggle mother (a failed actress) when the latter was attacked by a Lethifold disguised as a stage curtain. Celestina’s extraordinary voice was apparent from an early age. Disappointed to learn that there was no such thing as a wizarding stage school, Mrs Warbeck reluctantly consented to her daughter’s enrollment at Hogwarts, but subsequently bombarded the school with letters urging the creation of a choir, theatre club and dancing class to showcase her daughter’s talents.”

This is the second time that J.K. Rowling has revisited the world of Hogwarts. Earlier this year she published a short story that revealed what happened to Harry Potter and the rest of clan long after the events of the books.

Do you want to see more from the world of Harry Potter? Or should J.K. Rowling just let the series end?

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