Mom and Daughter Lip-Sync Frozen’s “Love Is An Open Door” And It Goes Viral On Facebook [Watch]

Love is an open door song mom and daughter

What does it take for a video to go viral these days? If anyone has figured out the equation please let me know, but this mom and daughter duo seem to have it down.

On August 7, Aubrey Marceaux and her daughter decided to make the world a little brighter and post a video of them lip-syncing “Love Is An Open Door” from the very popular movie Frozen. Her daughter, Teigan, has the best facial expressions throughout the entire thing. Check out the video below:

Since it has been posted, the video has gotten close to 400,000 shares on Facebook. Captioned with, “I have been seeing a lot if negative things on fb today, so I thought this would lighten it up! ‪#‎frozen‬ ‪#‎motherdaughter‬ ‪#‎sheisthecoolest‬.” The video did exactly that.

[Photo credit: Facebook]


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