Happy Left-Handers Day! South Paws Take Over The Internet

Happy left-handers day!

Yes, it’s a real holiday. According to the Left-Handers Club (yes, that’s a real club) the holiday was started back in 1992 to celebrate left-handedness.

The club writes: “On 13th August 1992 the Club launched International Left-Handers Day, an annual event when left-handers everywhere can celebrate their sinistrality and increase public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed.”

The holiday is now celebrated around the world and especially on Twitter. #LeftHandersDay has been trending all morning.

If you’re right handed, you probably don’t realize how much the world caters to your needs. Notebooks, scissors, tools… Much of the modern world is designed for a right-handed person.

Of course, there are some advantages to being left-handed. For instance, lefties are reportedly better at fighting. Researchers at the University of Montpellier in France found that lefties had an advantage in a fight, mainly because of the element of surprise.

Lefties may also be naturally born leaders. Five of the last seven presidents have been south paws.

photo credit: derekbruff via photopin cc

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