Robin Williams And The ‘Family Guy’ Conspiracy Is Just Ridiculous

There’s a conspiracy going around about Robin Williams and the show Family Guy.

Last night, shortly before news broke that Robin Williams had passed away, BBC aired an episode of Family Guy titled “Fatman And Robin” which features a segment where Peter Griffin is bestowed with the power to turn anything in Robin Williams.

Soon, Peter Griffin is surrounded by dozens of Williams’ movie characters. In order to stop the clones from duplicating, Peter tries to commit suicide. When that fails, he cuts of his hands.

What does this mean? Who’s responsible for the Robin Williams and Family Guy conspiracy? The answer to that is nothing no one.

It is a little eerie that the BBC aired an episode about Robin Williams and suicide the night that the actor died but according to a spokeswoman for the BBC it was nothing more than an “uncanny coincidence.”

Some people, however, read a little more into the coincidence and said that the show “predicted” the actor’s death. Others believe that Williams may have been inspired by Family Guy to end his life.

But there’s no conspiracy here. All of this talk about Family Guy predicting celebrity deaths is just nonsense. We’ll admit that the timing of some episodes has been strange but that’s it. Seth McFarlane is comic not a prophet of tragic events.

So let’s stop talking about. Instead, let’s read some touching tributes to the late actor from his friend’s and co-stars.

Dan Evon

Dan Evon was born, raised, and currently lives in Chicago. He is the Editor-In-Chief at Social News Daily. Over the last six years Evon has helped build several web platforms to millions of monthly readers. Dan is an expert is social media platform building and a freelance content consultant specializing in trending, evergreen and news content.


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