Vin Diesel’s Voice Plus Sam Smith’s Video Equals Perfect Internet Creation [Watch]

Sam Smith

The internet can give you the weird, the awesome, the happy, the cute, the terrible, and then the pure perfection.

While at the Guardians of the Galaxy press day in the U.K., Vin Diesel was asked by Capital FM radio to sing Sam Smith’s latest hit “Stay With Me.” The 47-year-old actor belted out the lyrics stalking our radios and gave a funny rendition that showed his, uh, talent. You can watch the video here.. but you will want to watch one of the greatest videos to surface the internet first.

YouTube user roomdrifter, took Vin Diesel’s voice and dubbed it over Sam Smith’s official music video. This is the reason the internet exists. No further information is needed about the greatness featured in this video. Watch and love.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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