Too Skinny? Rebecca Judd Selfie Sparks Body Image Debate

Some Rebecca Judd fans are worried that the Australian model may be starving herself.

Judd, who had a baby about six months ago, posted a bikini selfie to her instagram account last night. Several people commented that Judd looked “skeletal” and needed to “eat a Big Mac.”

This isn’t the first time that Rebecca Judd has been criticized for her weight. Shortly after giving birth to her second child she posted a photo of her “post-baby” bod and was criticized for being “unhealthily skinny.”

Of course, Judd does have her supporters. Several people have chimed in saying that Judd looks great in her photos. There are also several images on Instagram that show a “healthier” looking Judd.

The Herald Sun writes: “All the naysayers are telling AFL’s First WAG to put her bikini body away, that she’s sending a bad impression, that she doesn’t “look nice”. Say what?! If I looked like that six months or less after pumping out a baby, I’d be walking into work wearing little more than my thigh gap.”

What do you think? Is Rebecca Judd too skinny?

Dan Evon

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