Twitter Saw Over 3 Million Tweets With #Sandy, #HurricaneSandy

Hurricane Sandy slammed the East coast, most notably New York and New Jersey, and left millions without power and up to several feet of flooding. The destruction could have been far worse, but it definitely was not something that could be overlooked either.

Topsy, a social insights company, released some new stats that show just how much the superstorm was talked about on Twitter. It analyzed over a 24 hour period what users were saying around the #Sandy and #HurricaneSandy hashtags.

In just 24 hours, more than 3 million tweets were posted with either hashtag. When water was seen to be entering the subway tunnels underneath the East River in New York, activity peaked at over 290,000 mentions. The subway is a vital form of transportation in the city with millions relying on it.

As time went on, sentiment seemed to become more negative with Topsy giving a score between 33 and 12 with 50 being completely neutral. Looking at what they were able to analyze, there were almost twice as many negative tweets as there were positive tweets.

With such a storm, this isn’t too surprising, but Twitter users seem to be looking up with more positive tweets on the rise. There were likely millions of more tweets posted about the storm that didn’t use either hashtag.

For more coverage on what people saw and experienced, you can read our post here which shows popular photos of the aftermath.

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