Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Soothes Fussy Baby [Video]

Fussy baby dark horse video

Who knew Katy Perry could efortlessly sing pop hits and help parents soothe a crying baby at the same time? No one, until now.

A video uploaded to YouTube on August 4 immediately went viral and it’s clear why after 2o seconds in. 6 million views in 2 days? That’s YouTube fame right there. The baby is fussing around in her car seat and is unable to find comfort until she hears those first few familiar chords. She does a complete 180 and starts waving her arms and legs, stops, and starts bouncing her head along with the beat. When the song momentarily stops, she goes right back to being upset, until the song comes back on.

Perry herself saw the video and tweeted about a possible babysitting opportunity.

Katy Perry Tweets at fussy baby

A payment plan of oreos? Why didn’t anyone else think of this?

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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