Randy Orton Accuses Woman Of Stalking On Twitter

Ready for a game of he said she said? WWE wrestler Randy Orton thinks that he is being stalked by one of his fans. The woman, Kayla, thinks that the wrestler is overreacting.

Orton blocked Kayla on Twitter this morning, saying that he was tired of her stalking him. Kayla, on the other hand, thinks that the WWE wrestler blocked her because of a comment that she made.


Orton responded on Twitter, writing: “I blocked you because you’ve been stalking and harassing my girl for too long now. Then stalking me when I had no idea who you were for a pic, just so you could use it to again, to harass my girl. You waited outside the gym to get to me! That’s called stalking! I dare you to get a freaking life or just go be a troll somewhere else.”

If this woman really is stalking Randy Orton the WWE wrestler should probably do more than just block her on Twitter. But then again, Orton may be over exaggerating a bit.






After making his initial comment, Randy Orton hasn’t participated in this conversation. He reportedly blocked Kayla so he probably doesn’t even know that she is tweeting about him being a crybaby.

Do you think Randy Orton crossed the line by calling this woman a stalker?

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