‘Ghostbusters 3’ To Feature Women In Lead Roles [Report]

No Bill Murray? No Dan Aykroyd? No Harold Ramis or Ivan Reitman? And they’re still going to call this Ghostbusters? Paul Feig is reportedly working on a reboot of the hit 80s movie and according to the Hollywood Reporter he’ll be using an all-female cast.

Making a third Ghostbusters movie without the original cast may sound like a terrible idea at first but there really isn’t any other option at this point. Bill Murray has been reluctant to participate in a third movie and when Harold Ramis passed away earlier this year, Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman lost interest as well.

The only option right now is to completely reboot the franchise and with Paul Feig directing a group of women Ghostbusters… well, this could actually be awesome.

With movies like Bridesmaidand The Heat, Feig proved that movies starring women can both be hilarious and financially successful. If Sony green lights this project (the Hollywood Reporter notes that negotiations are still ongoing) Feig could have another huge hit on his hand.

The cast hasn’t been announced yet but Twitter is already dreaming of their ideal female Ghostbusters.

The movie may also include an appearance from a few of the original cast members as they hand the baton to the next generation of Ghostbusters.

What do you think of Ghostbusters 3? Is this a terrible or brilliant idea?

Dan Evon

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