Beyonce Uses ‘Flawless’ Remix To Address Elevator Fight

According to Beyonce, sh*t is bound to go down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator. The singer dropped her Flawless Remix today  and some of the lyrics address the elevator fight between her husband Jay Z and her sister Solange.

The fight sparked most of the rumors that Jay Z and Beyonce were heading toward divorce. Some people speculated that Jay Z was cheating on Beyonce and that Solange was simply sticking up for her sister. The billionaire couple never stated exactly what happened. Instead, they brushed the incident off as simple family drama and insist that everything is fine.

In the Flawless remix, Beyonce comes up with an even simpler reason for the fight.

Beyonce sings: “Of course sometimes shit goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator.”

What’s Beyonce trying to say? People with money are more prone to fight? Billionaires get claustrophobic and freak out on elevators? Or maybe she’s saying that the fight between Jay Z and Solange had something to do with money and jealousy?

The most obvious interpretation is that Beyonce just wants everyone to know that despite an occasional public misstep, she is still absolutely loaded.

The track also features Nicki Minaj who declares herself the “queen of rap.” You can listen to the Flawless remix below.

Dan Evon

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