United Airlines Apology Is Incredibly Insincere

Apparently United Airlines uses the Mad Libs system to pen its apologies.

An apology letter from the airline went viral this week thanks to some pretty glaring omissions. Whoever sent out the letter forgot to replace cues like [Customer Name] with actual information.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

“Our goal is to provide a consistently reliable product and an exemplary level of customer service. Based on the events you describe, we did not meet this goal. Your comments regarding (SPECIFIC EVENT) will be used for coaching and training our employees… To encourage you to fly with us again and as a tangible means of acknowledging your disappointment, enclosed if (SPECIFIC ITEM). (CUSTOMER NAME), I ask that you allow us another opportunity to serve you, as we consider it our privelege to have you aboard.”

This technique is probably used by most major corporations but that doesn’t excuse United Airlines from treating this customer like a [derogatory term]. This customer should tell United Airlines to take their [expletive] business and [verb] it up their [body part]. United hasn’t responded to the viral apology letter but they did post this to their Twitter account this week.

[“United Boeing 747SP Maiwald” by Torsten Maiwald.]

Dan Evon

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