Katy Perry: “This Is How We Do” Music Video Is Very Katy Perry [Watch]

This is how we do video katy perry

Katy Cats and all other Katy Perry enthusiasts will expect nothing else from their queen, Katy Perry, in her newest music video for “This Is How We Do” off the album PRISM.

Everything from vintage fashion, pop art, Pee-Wee back up dancers, and twerking ice cream cones. That is not a typo. This video takes you from decade to decade with fashion and attitude. She left her signature mark on “This Is How We Do” like she originally intended.

Perry has a PRISM theme for her fans, empowerment. Just like “Roar,” the pop singer encourages whomever to do whatever they want, love your hobbies, and do it with style.

Posted online today, July 31, it has gotten over 200,000 views in hours. Some of the views were mainly for the twerking ice cream cone. Seriously though. Look at that twerking face. Frightened by the booty.

Scared Twerk

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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