NBA Adds @NBA To Official Basketball

Don’t let anyone tell you that Twitter isn’t growing. The social network may not be growing as quickly as Facebook but Twitter is still finding ways to integrate itself in our daily lives. The NBA, for example, will now be displaying its Twitter handle, @NBA, on all game balls.

NBA Senior Vice President of Digital Media, Melissa Rosenthal Brenner, said: “The game is why we have 660 million followers, and our fans know @NBA is a must-follow for unprecedented access to our game, more insight into our teams, and unique behind-the-scenes content with our players throughout the entire year. The ball is the instantly recognizable symbol of our game, and now our fans have a place there too, where they belong.”

The NBA does a pretty amazing job connecting with fans via Twitter. In addition to the official @NBA account, NBA teams like the Chicago Bulls, Phoenix Suns, and San Antonio Spurs are all very active on the social network. They even play stupid games with each other like #NBASitcoms.

The league is pretty proud of the new game ball. They’ve been posting videos of some of the league’s biggest players showing off the new Twitter display.

It’s doubtful that the NBA gains more Twitter followers simply because @NBA is now written on the ball but this does show how integral Twitter has become to the league’s promotional efforts.

Dan Evon

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