Twitter Reacts To Real, Not Fake Photos Of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast last night and Twitter was at the forefront yet again. Despite power going out for millions, many still had and have access to Internet on their mobile phones.

While many fake photos surfaced, mostly before the storm truly hit, Twitter and Instagram proved very useful in spreading real images of the destruction. Here’s a small glimpse at what others saw:

Bubby’s, a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, saw water go above the door handle.

Mayor Bloomberg said that the subway system could be up and running in three to four days and that’s being optimistic. This Instagram photo shows just how bad the flooding was.

Parts of New York City saw very bad flooding with this part of town seeing water up to the bottom of car windows.

While Hurricane Sandy brought high winds and flooding to many, people in states such as West Virginia and Pennsylvania saw freezing temps and early snow.

Atlantic City, New Jersey was hit pretty hard and you can see the waves just smashing in and flooding the streets.

Here’s another photo from New Jersey, this time taken in Seaside Heights. The boardwalk was practically destroyed.

Downed trees were everywhere and took many cars and telephone poles with it.

Areas of New York such as Manhattan and Brooklyn were hit much harder than expected and we see cars just completely submerged.

Hoboken, New Jersey suffered mass flooding as well leaving people completely stranded. Currently, there are over 8 million people without power due to Hurricane Sandy and emergency response crews are doing everything they can to get to people and make sure they’re safe.

Here at Social News Daily, our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the storm.

Mike Stenger

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