Russell Brand And Sean Hannity Trade Insults

russell brand

Russell Brand isn’t a big fan of Sean Hannity. The comedian took a few big swings at the Fox News host this week on his YouTube channel The Trews.

Brand called Hannity a terrorist, said that he “looked like a Ken Doll,” and accused the Fox News host of stirring up conflict.

Brand said: “Sean’s not a solution-based guy. Sean’s not thinking ‘we want peace, what we should we do to get peace?’ He’s thinking ‘We want conflict. What can I say to exacerbate conflict?'”

Brand uploaded his video shortly after Hannity yelled at a Palestinian-American guest. Brand mocked the Fox News host, saying: “I didn’t take a job on Fox News because I’m interested in progress. I’m interested in shouting and pointing and simplifying things.”

Of course, Hannity wasn’t going to let Brand get the last word. He addressed the video during the opening segment of his show on Wednesday night.

Hannity said: “Yesterday, Russell Brand, a D-List actor better known for his failed marriage to Katy Perry recorded himself going on a 12½ minute tirade against little old me … I need to educate you, ’cause you’re kind of dumb and ignorant.”

This isn’t the end of the Russell Brand / Sean Hannity feud. We’re guessing that these two meet face to face in the near future for a bunch of televised yelling and insults.

[“Russell Brand Arthur Premier” by Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia]

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