Hilary Duff’s New Single “Chasing The Sun” Debuts Online [Video]

Hilary Duff Chasing the Sun

Hilary Duff is competing for the spotlight with the timing of her new single “Chasing The Sun” debuting online. Uploaded to YouTube yesterday, July 28, the trio of ladies, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj put out a pop hit “Bang Bang” this morning too.

All four ladies are trending on social media, this being the first musical release for Hilary Duff in a long time, 2008 to be exact with “Reach Out.” The 26-year-old mother is showing off some major bikini ready bare skin in her relaxing ‘get out of the office’ music video.

Being online for just 24 hours, the video has grossed over 200,000 views and shows no sign of stopping. The summer weather is sure to put this song into many iPods. This single will be on her fifth studio album coming out later this fall. Duff is clearly happy with her success and getting back into doing what she loves:

What do you think of Duff’s comeback song?

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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