Looking for a New Hobby? Learn from Beekeeper Morgan Freeman!

There is no doubt by now that Morgan Freeman is a favorite of Jimmy Fallon, especially when he’s had some helium in him. In this video, we hear Morgan Freeman in his natural voice, so you would think the conversation might have a more serious tone, but it’s Jimmy Fallon after all.

Today’s lesson: how to be a beekeeper.

And why would you want to pick up beekeeping as a hobby? Heck, it’s all the rage urban hipsters the cool people these days, so why not? And, you can say you’re just like Morgan Freeman. Or Sherlock.

From God to Nelson Mandela to beekeeper. He’s something else, isn’t he?

It’s not an step-by-step tutorial, but I reckon you’ll pick up enough to get going with beekeeping as a new hobby. If it’s not enough, you can check this guide out.

Because you can’t have enough of Morgan Freeman:

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