Kristen Bell As Mary Poppins, Quits Her Job in Funny Or Die Video [Watch]

Kristen Bell as Mary Poppins


Kristen Bell is a lot of things: talented, sloth lover, voice of widely popular Anna from Disney’s Frozen, and now the Mary Poppins who quits her underpaid job. A spot-on impression of the Julie Andrews’ Mary Poppins we grew up watching, but with a twist.

Bell as Poppins goes on to sing about why the federal minimum wage should be raised in this spectacular Funny or Die video. “Just a three dollar increase, can make a living wage.” Watch below.

Those are some of the saddest looking penguins I have ever seen. All around hilarious video that is taking social media by storm just short of 1 million shares online.

[Photo credit: Funny or Die]


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