Morgan Freeman Sucks In Helium.. Again [Video]

Morgan Freeman on helium

Back in late May, the world was presented with the gift of Morgan Freeman on helium. You all know the voice, the angelic yet handsome voice that emits from Morgan Freeman’s mouth in his every day life, so why not love it a few pitches higher?

Freeman inhaled helium for the Science Channel’s “Through the Wormhole” program which he narrates. That video has 10 million views to date, so how many will his newest helium venture get? The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon gave us this gift for the second time. On Thursday, Fallon brought out helium filled balloon asking Freeman’s participation in finishing the interview in a different voice.

Fallon can barely contain his laughter every time the upcoming “Lucy” actor opens his mouth. It’s pretty hilarious. Freeman had so much fun with Fallon that he said he was “never coming back.” All of the people talking about it on Facebook hopes he does.

The Tonight Show’s video only has 400,000 views but that is only 1 day of being available on the internet. Give it time and that will surely pass Freeman’s original helium video.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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