OU Shames Texas Longhorns For Misspelling Texas On Media Guide

You would think that the media office for The Texas Longhorns would know how to spell Texas. Really, you’d expect anyone over the age of 7 to know how to spell Texas. Still, there was a glaring typo in this year’s media guide.

The Longhorns misspelled Texas (multiple times) in its annual media guide. According to Yahoo Sports, the typo (Texsa instead of Texas) appeared underneath every player bio in the guide. In the Longhorn’s defense, the typo was made in a URL so it wasn’t simply misspelling Texas. It was misspelling TexasSports.com.

The Longhorns spelled the URL TexsaSports.com which, wouldn’t you know it, is an actual website.

After the spelling mistake went viral a group of Oklahoma University fans purchased the Texsa Sports URL.

texsa sports

The website also includes The Boomer Sooner fight song.

The OU fans also started a Twitter account to further mock the Texsa Texas Longhorns.

The typo was corrected by the Texas Longhorns but it doesn’t look like OH is going to let them live this one down anytime soon. Go Hrons!

photo credit: jrandallc via photopin cc

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