Justin Bieber Hints At New Album On Instagram

Justin Bieber had a pretty productive night in the studio last night. The singer posted 15-second clips of 11 new songs to his Instagram account.

The singer didn’t give a lot of information about the new songs. He hasn’t said when the album would be released and he hasn’t given fans a tracklist. All we have right now is 11 15-second clips from his new album.

Are you excited for Justin Bieber’s new album? You can listen to the teasers below.

You can listen to the other teasers on Justin Bieber’s Instagram account.

The new album isn’t the only reason that Justin Bieber is in the news today. There’s currently a rumor going around that Bieber is going to be an underwear model for Calvin Klein. If you ask me, it’s a pretty stupid move by CK because they already get plenty of free advertising from Bieber’s Instagram.

The singer is also at the center of another mundane controversy. Apparently Bieber decided to use a wheelchair at Disneyland this week so that he could skip the lines. Gasp! The truth of the matter is that Justin skips lines anyways because he’s a celebrity and gets swarmed by people wherever he goes. As for the wheelchair, apparently he sprained his knee playing basketball.

photo credit: jaredpolin via photopin cc

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