Fake TSA Agent Caught Patting Down Women At Airport


A man posing as a TSA Agent reportedly groped two women at San Francisco Airport this week.

Officials suspect that the man had one too many drinks at the airport lounge before heading over to the security line where he started impersonating a TSA Agent. The man pulled two women aside, both foreigners, for a private security pat down.

Time reports that the man was wearing khakis and a blue polo shirt. He may have also been wearing a pair of blue plastic gloves that he stole from a real agent. The 53-year-old man reportedly walked through the security line and picked a women for a private pat down.

The two entered a private booth where the woman was screened. It’s unclear what happened in the booth because the woman rushed to catch her flight after the incident. The man was caught when he brought a second women into the booth.

The real TSA Agents finally caught him after they realized that a male TSA agent isn’t allowed to give private pat downs to women without a female agent present. The 53-year-old man was detained by police and charged with public intoxication. He could face additional charges.

This hasn’t been a good week for the TSA. A few days ago, a TSA Agent refused to let a passenger through security because they had an ID from “Washington D.C.” which, according to the agent, does not exist.

photo credit: Truthout.org via photopin cc

Dan Evon

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