Cleveland Heat? LeBron James Bringing Old Teammates To Cavs

lebron james

LeBron James may be heading to Cleveland next season but that doesn’t mean that he’s had to say goodbye to all of his former teammates. Mike Miller and James Jones have already joined the Cavaliers and Ray Allen could be next. If that happens they might as well rename the team the Cleveland Heat.

Jones and Miller both reportedly took less money to join LeBron in Cleveland. They will both contribute to the Cavs season next year but Gilbert likely signed the former Heat players simply to appease The King and surround him with familiar faces.

Ray Allen, 39, could also decide to join the Cavaliers. Allen may also decide to stay in Miami, play for the Houston Rockets, or he could decide to just hang it up.

Coach Erik Spoelestra said: “We knew that he wanted to take some time and be patient to see where he is … We’ll see what happens. I don’t even know where we’ll be with our roster, but we owe a lot to Ray.”

LeBron James has a young team and a new coach in Cleveland so he’s probably pushing for Gilbert to land someone like Ray Allen. Not only is Allen one of the best three point shooters of all-time, he also has 19 years of NBA experience.

Dan Evon

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