Roy Hibbert To Lance Stephenson: He Was The Funniest Teammate I Ever Had

Roy Hibbert is going to miss Lance Stephenson next year. Sure, the big man is going to miss the talent but he’s also going to miss one of his good friends.

Hibbert took to Twitter today to say goodbye to Stephenson.

Stephenson played for four years with the Indiana Pacers and now he’s ready to move on. The former Pacers star just signed a three year deal with the Charlotte Hornets.

Lance Stephenson took to Twitter today to say goodbye to his fans and teammates.

The full tweet reads: “Indy, I had a great 4 years. Thank you Larry Bird, the fans, my coaches and teammates for the incredible experience. I will never forget any of you! I now have to look to the next phase of my career and the wonderful opportunity to continue to grow as a player and as a person in Charlotte! I’m excited to play for this franchise and the fans!! #buzzcity.”

It’s been a pretty crazy off-season so far. LeBron James is heading to Cleveland, Pau Gasol is heading to the Chicago Bulls, and Luol Deng will be playing for Miami. Are you excited for the next season of NBA basketball?

Dan Evon

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