Comcast Apology Is Total BS, Says Reddit

Did you hear that horrendous Comcast customer service call this week? The company apologized yesterday saying that this was an isolated incident and that it was “embarrassed” by the employees behavior. Well, the internet is calling BS on that apology.

But before we get to that, let’s take another listen at the Comcast customer service call that went viral yesterday.

Wow. All that guy wanted to do was cancel his service. That has got to be the worst customer service call in the history of customer service calls. Well, actually, it appears to be an every day occurrence at Comcast.

A Redditor claiming to be “an employee of Comcast for almost the last 9 years” said that Comcast actually has a division dedicated to retain customers. That isn’t very unusual. What is unusual is that the people in Comcast’s Retention Department reportedly have huge incentives to retain customers.

TX Madison writes: “In retention, the more products you save per customer the better you do, and the more products you disconnect the worst you do (if a customer with a triple play disconnects, you get hit as losing every one of those lines of business, not just losing one customer.) These guys fight tooth and nail to keep every customer because if they don’t meet their numbers they don’t get paid.”

So is Comcast really embarrassed by this employee’s behavior? Or is Comcast just upset that the audio went viral?

In Comcast defense, TX Madison does write that the retention officer was a little too aggressive and did go too far during his customer service call. At the same time, if Comcast has set up a system that punishes their employees when people cancel service, what did they expect would happen?

Have you had a bad experience with Comcast?

photo credit: Tyler Yip via photopin cc

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