Drunk Charlie Sheen Greets Fans At Taco Bell [Video]

Charlie Sheen got drunk this week and went to Taco Bell. And you’re surprised because….

The former star of Two And A Half Men was filmed at a Taco Bell last night by a few of his fans. Sheen was apparently waiting in line for some Locos Tacos when he got bored and decided to get out of his car and greet his fans.

Charlie said: “Sorry I’m so f***ng hammered.”

Sheen was so drunk that he momentarily mistook a fist bump as a threat (“You guys want to fight”) and when he was asked about his tattoo he ripped open his shirt and simply said “hell yeah.”

Yesterday SND published a story about two guys (Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett) sitting on a bench. At the time, I declared that it was the biggest “non-news” story we had ever published. But this one comes close. Just like you’d expect Mr. McCartney and the Oracle of Omaha to do something like sit on a bench for a conversation, you expect Charlie Sheen to get drunk and eat Taco Bell.

It’d be more of a story if Sheen was filmed sober, eating a salad, and drinking a nice glass of tomato juice.

Charlie Sheen 2012” by Joella MaranoCharlie Sheen. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Dan Evon

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