‘National Nude Day’ Is A Real Holiday

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If you’ve been on the internet today you’ve probably seen someone talking about “National Nude Day.” Unlike #FelonCrushFriday or #NationalSendYourManNudesDay, National Nude Day is an actual holiday celebrated by nudists around the United States.

According to AZ Central, National Nude Day comes at the end of Nude Recreation Week, which is celebrated after the Fourth of July. It’s basically a day for nudists to walk around… well nude.

The biggest difference is that the American Association for Nude Recreation tries to use the holiday to raise awareness about the lifestyle.

Ashley Beahan, the public relations manager for the AANR, said: “This is something we take pride in. It brings awareness to nude recreation. This is a lifestyle; people grow and learn from this lifestyle.”

National Nude Day is a real holiday celebrated by thousands of people around the United States. It’s also a holiday that gets made fun of on social media sites like Twitter.

Today might not be the best day to go to work naked (no day is a good day for that) but if you’re looking to join a nudist colony… well, the American Association for Nude Recreation has a few openings you can fill.

photo credit: Steven2358 via photopin cc

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