Liam Payne Nude? #LiamsDickPic Goes Viral On Twitter

liam payne

Did you see that nude photo of Liam Payne on Twitter today? The hashtag #LiamsDickPic has been trending all morning thanks to a NSFW photo of the One Direction singer.

But don’t get too excited. The photo is definitely a fake.

Some One Direction fan (or anti-fan) got bored this morning and decided to photoshop a NSFW photo of Liam. The image went viral after it was posted to the @FakeLiamPayne Instagram account. (You can see the image here.)

The photo had the One Direction fandom in a frenzy this morning. If it was real, why would Liam post it on Instagram? If it was fake, why would someone go through the trouble of creating it. And the biggest question of all: “How can the Liam Dick Pic be real if Liam’s member is too big to be photographed?”

Certain questions needed to be answered and the Directioneers went to work on Twitter to solve the mystery. Well, not solve the mystery. Just complain about it.

It looks like One Direction fans were really bored last night. Rumors also started that one of the singers came out of the closet, another got engaged, another dyed his hair pink and another got a tattoo. Basically, it was a full out freak out.

If you’re a One Direction fan, it’s OK to relax now. Nothing dramatic has happened. If you’re not a One Direction fan, you probably don’t care about any of this anyway so just keep going about your business. Here, you can check out some cool Facebook cover photos.

[Liam Payne Toronto” by Alesiax – 1. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

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