World Cup Pre-Game Laugh, Soccer Flopping In Real Life [Video]

Soccer Flopping

With the 2014 World Cup excitement building and going away as teams move on or go home, the soccer related laughs have certainly increased. From the hilariously sad Brazil fan reactions to the 17-year-old Belgium fan getting a modeling contract, the soccer high is strong.

That is where Fourgrounds Film come in. A Canadian film and video production company, uploaded an awesome video of every day people reacting like some soccer players do during a game. Only posted a few days ago, this video has gotten close to 1 million views.

Some call it flopping. The act of falling down as if you were pushed or hit by another player. One big acting skill some players have perfected while others have not. Flopping is not just in soccer. Basketball sees this a lot. Watch these actors put flopping in every day situations.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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