29 Voices? Viral Video Fools The Internet

Did you see that amazing viral video last week of that guy using 29 celebrity voices to sing his song “Perfect?” Well, it turns out that the guy, Rob Cantor, isn’t that great of an impersonator. He is, however, fantastic at lip-syncing.

Cantor scored a viral hit last week when he released the video for his song “Perfect.” The song is catchy, sure, but it went viral because of Cantor’s amazing (and fake) ability to imitate voices.

Cantor seemingly impersonates 29 celebrity voices, including Peter Griffin, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Christopher Walken, Britney Spears, and Frank Sinatra, flawlessly during his tune.

Check out below.

Pretty amazing right? Well, Cantor isn’t the one actually singing during the video. He had a bunch of singers come in to do celebrity impersonations and then lip-synced the song to make it seem like he was using 29 different voices.

The original video was viewed more than 6 million times and it fooled just about everyone until Cantor revealed that it was a hoax.

Cantor writes on YouTube: “’29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song’ was created with the help of eleven impressionists and one trumpet player, all exceedingly talented. I hope it was fun to watch, and that you enjoyed my song ‘Perfect.'”

Here’s a look at how the video was made.

Cantor wrote the song but the real star is sound Sound Mixer: Lindsey Alvarez who made it seem like Cantor was really singing all 29 voices.


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