Tatiana Maslany Snubbed! Emmy Nominations Anger ‘Clone Club’

tatiana maslany

Tatiana Maslany deserves an Emmy nomination. No, you know what, she deserves dozens for all of the characters she plays on Orphan Black. Unfortunately the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences didn’t agree as the actress was snubbed for the second consecutive year.

Sure, Maslany wasn’t the only actress to get snubbed this year (ahem, Keri Russell) but the Orphan Black actress’ snub is causing the most outrage on Twitter. Tatiana has a devoted, and young, following and they are making their disappointment heard on Twitter.

Maslany hasn’t commented on the snub yet but the official Twitter account of Orphan Black has. The people behind the show are probably a little disappointed about the snub but at least they can laugh about it.

In addition to getting snubbed for the best actress award, Tatiana Maslany was also ignored in the ensemble category. Now that’s just ridiculous.

If you don’t know why people are so upset about Tatiana Maslany’s snub you should really check out Orphan Black. She really does do an incredible on the show.

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