Chris Conley Releases ‘Star Wars’ Fan Film

chris conley

The Star Wars universe is getting bigger every day. Not only is Disney planning to release a new movie every year for the foreseeable future, some fans are also getting in on the action. Chris Conley, a wide receiver for the Georgia Bulldogs, just released his new fan film called Retribution.

So why did Chris Conley make a Star Wars movie? According to, the football player recruited a couple of fans to be in a short lightsaber dual last year. He apparently had so much fun making the little lightsaber dual that he decided to expand the project into a short film.

Retribution already has thousands of views on YouTube so maybe Conley will end up extending the project again to make a feature film. I’m sure George Lucas would just love that.

Conley wrote, directed, and stars in the short film. He also invited a few of his teammates, as well as the Georgia Bulldogs mascot, to make an appearance.

What did you think of Chris Conley’s Star Wars film? Disney is planning to release a bunch of Star Wars movies over the next few years. Do you think Conley will find a place on one of the big budget productions?

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