John Lennon Or Harry Potter? Terrible Tattoo Gets Mocked On Twitter

harry potter

Imagine all the wizards… Someone out there is probably regretting their latest tattoo. A Beatles fan recently got some ink of the lead singer. Unfortunately, the tattoo looks more like Harry Potter than John Lennon.

The photo was shared by the Twitter account @ShitTats and has since been relentlessly mocked by the internet.

@ShitTats slogan is “Think Before You Ink” but this tattoo isn’t really the customer’s fault. lue, manager of the Into You tattoo studio in Clerkenwell, told the Daily Mail: “Obviously this is the work of a very bad tattoo artist. It is unforgivable for a client to go in looking for an image of John Lennon and go home with Harry Potter.” But maybe we shouldn’t blame the tattoo artist either. After all, this isn’t the first time that John Lennon has been compared to Harry Potter. There’s an even a bizarre theory that the Beatles singer never died. He went into hiding at Hogwarts, used a spell to become a teenage boy, and then saved the world.

Dan Evon

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