Obama Twitter Accounts Sending Direct Messages For Support

Election Day is coming up and Presidential candidates are doing everything they can to inform supporters and get them to the polls. To help with this, the Obama campaign has enlisted the help of several Twitter accounts with sending direct messages to followers in the hopes they’ll help support the campaign.

Barack Obama’s account is separate from the Obama 2012 account, but is also sending messages, as is Michelle Obama’s. The direct message from @Obama2012, @BarackObama, and @MichelleObama reads this:

“Use your Twitter influence to help turn out the vote. Follow/retweet @Obama2012 and join the Twitter team: https://my.barackobama.com/twteam”

The Twitter team page is very straightforward. Follow Barack’s official Twitter account, enter your name, email, Twitter username, and make sure to retweet what the President has to say.

Mitt Romney has yet to get in on the action and reach out through direct messages in the same way. With a combined 23,693,749 followers across all three accounts, the Obama campaign has quite the reach to get followers more engaged to help in getting the President elected a second term.

Mike Stenger

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