Nokia S40 Gets Foursquare App: Hopes To Attract Entry Level Market

Foursquare Nokia S40 Check-In

Foursquare, the world’s most popular location based check-in service has been available on Smartphones since the program launched, in fact the company relies on phones at the core of their service. Unfortunately for lower end phone users the program has been out of reach…until now. Nokia announced this week that their beta lab has released a Foursquare app for their entry level S40 mobile device.

The program works with both GPS built units and through a cellular networks location IDs (essentially finding your position by bouncing your signal off various cell towers to triangulate your location. Users then choose the name of the business or other location where they are located and they click on the “Check In Here” button just as they would on a Superphone/Smartphone.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the program also allows users to share their check-ins with Twitter and Facebook, while a list of followers with photos included can be seen below that location.

Foursquare Nokia S40 Check-In

After a user checks in they can view their location on a map output. The graphics, like the screenshot above are not as clean as you’ll find on an iOS or Android built device, but it gets the job done.

Foursquare Nokia S40 Map Output

Along with the ability to check-in the program offers the following list of features:

  • Shout
  • Check in
  • Venueless check-in (“check in here anyway”)
  • Search places
  • Add place
  • Recent check-ins from friends
  • User info
  • Manage friend requests
  • Friend lists
  • Send friend requests
  • Try to use GPS on S40 only when phone has an internal GPS
  • Fixed Facebook URL
  • Small UI improvements
  • Installation from .jad file for all the devices
  • Add and view check-in comments and photos
  • Show check-in comments count on the Home view
  • Venue details accessible (mayor, persons at the venue, photos)
  • UI improvements (buttons, corners)
  • Automatic client sw update checks
  • Fixed: shout length limit

If you want a closer look before you decide to download the free the app for your S40 here’ s the official Nokia video for the program:

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