Australian Rugby Player Starts #Bubbling Trend, and It’s Probably Not What You Think It Is

Todd Carney bubbling

While NRL’s Todd Carney may not be an international household name when it comes to sports, a leaked picture of him “bubbling” just put his name on the social media map.

What’s bubbling anyway? I suppose the most common image that will come to mind is a kettle with water that’s ready for some good tea.

But no, it’s waaay far from that.

A Twitter user known as “Mark Miller” is supposedly the first one to leak the image of Todd Carney in a urinal gargling his own, well, urine. As can be expected, the Internet did its thing, and the image immediately went viral, with people sharing and throwing in their two cents’ worth.

Naturally, the rugby player isn’t taking things well, as the Guardian reports. The guy has been sacked, over what his mates say is a prank and can’t be true.

This hasn’t stopped the Internet from jumping on weirdness, though. According to AU News, there is now even a Facebook page called “Piss in your mouth for Todd Carney” where people have posted their own lewd photos imitating Todd Carney’s bubbling. I’ve searched for this Facebook page, but it’s either a hoax, or Facebook has taken it down.

Mashable has done its part to shed light on the matter, telling everyone to calm down and that “bubbling is not a thing in Australia.”

Image via The Sydney Morning Herald

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