“The Vault” Coffee Shop Doesn’t Have Baristas, Can You Guess Why?

I can’t count the times when Starbucks baristas misspelled my name, giving me a hoot. Naturally, I shared those cups – misspelling highlighted – on social media. Seriously, it just makes me wonder at the deafness “creativity” of those baristas. I’m so tempted to just say “Ann” every time a barista asks for my name. They can’t mess that up, can they?

The answer to this “problem”?

A coffee shop without baristas! And that’s exactly the setup at “The Vault“, a coffee shop in Valley City, North Dakota.

But it’s not about baristas, really. “The Vault” is a self-serve coffee shop, sure, but the premise is that they operate on an honor system. The owners believe in the good that is in every person, leaving it up to the customers to pay for their coffee, tea, or whatever pastry they consume.

You get to make your own coffee, just like at home, and you can pay more than the price of items if you wish to do so.

Owners David and Kimberly Brekke say that the whole thing just made sense to them, and that customers are actually paying more money. You’ve got to give these two a thumbs up for their faith in humanity, and it seems the Universe is doing that as well!

I wonder if this will work in other cities?

Noemi T

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