Can Shabazz Napier Keep LeBron James In Miami?

Start up the rumor machine! LeBron James is staying in Miami! At least that’s the way it seems now that the Miami Heat have picked up Shabazz Napier.

James opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat and is now a free agent. Rumors have been flying about where LeBron will end up next year but the safe money is right back in Miami.

King James needs to surround himself with the best players in the NBA. Dwyane Wade is at the end of his career, Chris Bosh is hit or miss, and the rest of the Heat didn’t really show up for the playoffs. By opting out of his contract, James sent a pretty clear message to the front office: “Stack the roster for 2014.” The Heat took their first big step last night by grabbing Shabazz Napier in the NBA Draft. Not only will Shabazz help the Heat in the point guard position, he’s also LeBron James’ “Favorite Player.”

Shabazz Napier doesn’t solve all of the Heat’s problems but he may solve the biggest one: Keeping LeBron happy.

Napier said: “He’s one of the best players in the world. So if me going there helps him come back, it just betters our chances of being a complete team.”

Dan Evon

Dan Evon was born, raised, and currently lives in Chicago. He is the Editor-In-Chief at Social News Daily. Over the last six years Evon has helped build several web platforms to millions of monthly readers. Dan is an expert is social media platform building and a freelance content consultant specializing in trending, evergreen and news content.


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