San Francisco Riots As Giants Win World Series [Twitter Reacts]

San Fran riot 2012

San Francisco has developed a strange tradition to celebrate a World Series win. Just like in 2010 when the Giants won the Series after a tense back-and-forth, 2012 has seen the people of San Fran taking to the streets to celebrate like an army of drunken huns.

Yes: stuff was on fire, people were hurt, riot police were called, cars were trashed, and “the city of love” proved once again that a more accurate description would be “the city of violence” or at least “the city of morons” when it comes to sporting events.

Oh, this isn’t just our opinion. All across Twitter many a San Fran folk celebrated the riot as it was happening, while others in the city and outside-looking-in merely shook their heads in shame. Here are some of the highlights from the San Francisco riot of 2012, including pictures:

Yeah, toke it up. At least we haven’t lost our sense of humor:

#whatwerereallythinking, #captainobvious:

And here’s an awesome video to round out our report. Congratulations of pwning yourselves, San Fran.

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

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  1. breaking things and setting things on fire is so disrespectful to your city. I can understand hardcore celebreating like earlier in the night, but when you go and just destroy your city there's something wrong with you. san fran is a wonderful place, respect it. & thanks for lighting a bus on fire, that's going to fuck the bus schedule up. -_-. also I hope they tax the shit out of you. dumbfucks. GO GIANTS.