Team USA Qualify – Celebrities Tweet Their Support for @Ussoccer

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The US seems to be growing more and more soccer crazy each day.

Even though the US Soccer team lost to Germany 1-0 last night they they still had enough points to quality for the second round of the World Cup just edging past Portugal who even though finished on the same amount of points had a negative goal difference and were thus eliminated.

Fans have been celebrating in the streets and bars throughput the country and especially on social media. Celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fergie and Andre Agassi have been cheering the team on and wishing them luck for the next game via Twitter.

The NASCAR team Tweet their support stating ‘These Colors Don’t Run’

Arnie showing odd his support on Twitter and in an Instagram snap of him sporting the USA shirt

Fergie with her family ready for the next game already!

Steffi Graff and her husband Andre Agassi promoting their own German-American partnership

During the game Google searches for USA vs Germany were higher than any other topic

Josh Duhamel posted this epic picture to Instagram in preparation for the USA vs Belgium game on Tuesday.

Oscar De la Hoya ready for the next game

Finally, USA team head coach Jurgen Klinsman Tweets that the team have arrived back at their training ground and base but still have a lot of work to do.

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