The (Depressing) Truth Behind Facebook Status Updates [Video]

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Are you jealous of your Facebook friends? Well, you should know that their lives might not be as glamorous as they look. A new short video called “What’s On Your Mind” takes a look at the (depressing) truth behind Facebook status updates.

Shaun Higton writes on YouTube: “Facebook can be depressing because everyone else’s lives are better than yours… But are they really?”

The short film follows a guy named Scott as his life falls apart. He loses his job, he loses his girlfriend, he starts drinking heavily… But that’s not the picture he paints on Facebook. Instead, Scott uses statuses like “Quit my dead end job” and “#FollowYourDreams” to make things look better than they really are.

Here’s the film “What’s On Your Mind?”

The short film deals with a real problem on Facebook. Several studies have shown that FB photos and status stir up jealous for much of the user base.

One study concluded that the “magnitude of envy incidents taking place on FB alone is astounding …. Our findings signal that users increasingly perceive Facebook as a stressful environment, which may endanger platform sustainability.”

Do you ever get jealous of your Facebook friends? Maybe the better question is this: Do you ever lie about your Facebook status to make your life seem more interesting?

Dan Evon

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