Kids Blind Test Artisanal Ice Cream, but You Might not Like the “Truth” that Comes Out

Artisanal is the buzzword of the year when it comes food, clothing, massage oils, and practically anything you can make. It’s the hip way of proclaiming that what you buy and use is ethical and high quality. Or maybe not.

When it comes to ice cream, you have to admit there are some pretty mouthwatering artisanal creations out there, but these kids who are asked to blind test artisanal ice cream and guess the different flavors let the cat out of the bag: artisanal doesn’t always equate to good.

After all, kids don’t lie, do they?

Their priceless reactions are a great wake up call to everyone who thinks things are always better just because they’re artisanal.

The next time you find yourself wanting to pay top money for artisanal ice cream, remember this video and the great “regular” flavors you’ve always loved.

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