Lebron James Opts Out Of Contract, Gets Mocked On Twitter

lebron james

Are you ready for The Decision Part 2? LeBron James has opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat in order to become a free agent.

Now, that doesn’t mean that James is leaving the Heat. Owner Mickey Arison can still persuade the King to stay in Miami but he’ll have to do a lot of work. For one, James will probably want the maximum 5-year contract to stay with the Heat. LeBron will also want Arison to spend some money to pad the Miami Heat’s bench.

If Arison can’t come up with a package to keep LeBron, the NBA all-star will have the option to sign with another team. If LeBron does decide to leave Miami he’ll only be able to sign a 4-year contract with another team. According to Yahoo Sports, the difference between staying in Long Beach and leaving for brighter pastures is about $30 million. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade also have the option to opt out of their contracts. Neither star has made an announcement yet. At the moment, it still looks like LeBron is going to stay in Miami. Opting out of his contract merely puts some pressure on Arison to spend more money on the Miami roster. Still, LeBron has been dubbed a coward on Twitter.

Do you think LeBron James will end up leaving the Miami Heat? His wife Savannah did drop an interesting hint yesterday on Instagram.

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