“The Best First Date” Video Goes Viral, Adorable Is An Understatement [Video]

best First date

The internet is filled with articles teaching men and women how to treat their significant other the “right” way. Thousands of others try and explain what is the best and worst thing to do. This father took a different approach and his message went viral by taking his daughter on “The Best First Date.”

Aaron Dickson from Washington is a husband and father who took his daughter, Analynne on her “real” first date. The cute little girl actually had no idea what her night had in store or that it would be recorded.

Uploaded on Father’s Day by the insurance company Because of Camilito, this video has hit over 1.7 million views. You can watch the video to see how it plays out, but the underlying message to father’s is that you will “always be her first love.”

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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