Banned Grey Poupon Commercial Is Hilarious, Immediately Goes Viral [Video]


Besides the Super Bowl, commercials are usually the time someone turns away from the television. If this commercial popped up on my TV, I would replay it over and over again while wiping away my tears from laughter. When a commercial is good, it’s good.

The “banned” Grey Poupon commercial is asking the very personal question, “What do you Poupon?” Reddit summarized this video nicely saying the Grey Poupon commercial you were waiting for since you were six. This video was uploaded to YouTube on June 15 by the OBVS channel (Online Broadcast Virtual Station) and has grossed over 1 million views already. Close to 6,000 thumbs up and only 500 thumbs down. That should speak for itself.

According to a Huffington Post exclusive, the creators Adam Grimes and Jessica Sattelberger created this video for fun and are not associated with the mustard company at all. The two dreamed up the concept at a wedding and shot the entire video in one day.

So enough with the chit chat, what do you poop on Poupon?

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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