Watch: The Elephant Lullaby Video Going Viral

A video from Thailand of a woman putting an elephant to sleep using a lullaby is currently roaring up the charts on YouTube.

The video shows Sangduen “Lek” Chailert of the Save Elephant Foundation North of Chiang Mai, Thailand, singing the Thai song “Tai Rom Malalee” to elephant Faa Mai.

Faa Mai appears to adore the song, quickly laying down to sleep and then begins to snores happily.

The Bangkok Post quoted Ms Sangduen on how the lullaby singing came about.

Ms Sangduen said after she started caring for mistreated elephants at the foundation she realised about 80% of them had psychological problems. Some seemed to be healthy, but they had empty eyes.

She recalled that one young elephant who was rescued from a local show operator always threw rocks at people who tried to get close to her. So she tried to get close to her by singing different styles…

In the beginning she was also welcomed with stones, but later when she sang “Tai Rom Malulee”, a song Ms Sangduen’s mother regularly sung to her as a child, she found it calmed the elephant down

“In the beginning, people may have thought that I was insane, but I held to my belief because I found a positive change while singing for them, aggressive elephants become gentle,” she said.

YouTube users love the video, with over a thousand positive comments.

At the time of writing the video had over 1.1 million views.

Duncan Riley


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