Jimmy Kimmel and Lena Headey Do Game of Thrones, She’s Not Sorry for Her Spoilers

Jimmy Kimmel guests Lena Headey and they have a short conversation, Game of Thrones style. Naturally, goblets and wine are part of the setting; and both don’t pull any punches, making the audience hoot with laughter. It just made me love her even more.

On another note, you won’t fail to notice the t-shirt that Lena Headey is wearing during the unusual interview.

lena headey

What’s that about?

Two months ago, she posted a “spoiler” on her Instagram account.

Is it truly a spoiler? Ask those who thought it was and didn’t see the expected character show up this season.

(Even if it were, it’s the Internet, boys and girls. Here be spoilers.)

As for Lena Headey’s statement t-shirt, attagirl!

If you’re still mad at her, here’s something to distract you: 10 Game Of Thrones Cosplayers Who Are Dead-Ringers For Their HBO Counterparts [Pics]

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