Add Instagram Filters To Real Life With Tens Sunglasses

The photo filters on Instagram are undoubtedly among the photo sharing site’s most popular features.  Adding a filter can turn mundane photos into something just a little more than that by highlighting certain colors or giving a photo a retro, vintage or classic look.

Unfortunately, evolution didn’t bless our eyes with a comparable power. How we see the world is how we see the world, and there is very little room for improvement on it.

That is, unless Tens has their way. The U.K. based sunglasses company is currently funding their first commercial pair on IndieGoGo and it promises to bring the Instagram “enhancement” features to the real world.

Tens claims to have a more eye pleasing effect on the world when compared to traditional sunglasses.  They call it “pretty much” a photo filter for real life, and early reviews seem to indicate that it lives up to that billing in at least some respects.

Rather than simply dulling everything like traditional glasses, the Tens Sunglasses seem to have an enhancing effect, highlighting contrasts in a similar way to Instagram’s Kelvin filter effect.

If this idea seems stupid to you, it appears you might be in the minority. Tens was hoping to raise roughly $16,000 but with 20 days left in its campaign, has managed to raise nearly $522,000. The Tens campaign runs until July 5th, the glasses can be picked up for just a tad under $80.

Is that a fair price for the privilege of getting to the world through a new filter?

Ian DeMartino

Ian DeMartino is a Technology, Political and Sports Junkie who only wishes he had more time to devote to each subject. When Ian isn't saving puppies or brokering peace deals in the Middle East, he can usually be found tinkering with electronics or playing video games. Check out his blog at


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